Perfect control in creative moments


Photographer: Olli Häkkinen
AD: Tuukka Tujula
Producer: Laura Silvanto
1st AC: Melvin Torrens
Food Styling: Iikka Johansson

Post production: Flc

Fiskars is one of the leading premium lifestyle brands in the gardening, cooking & creating categories around the world, Fiskars’ purpose is to increase human happiness in and around the home.

Since 1649, Fiskars has championed the ageless principles of high quality, intuitive and sustainable design.

Fiskars empowers every enthusiast to follow their passions with timeless yet innovative design.

Skillfully crafted, Fiskar’s latest culinary series Taiten is designed for home cuisine enthusiasts. The products are both lightweight and sharp, serving as the ideal toolkit for effortlessly handling fish and other challenging ingredients.

Picture a semi-professional home kitchen with a chef deeply passionate about Japanese cuisine – that’s what this project ended up looking and feeling like. Oh boy, do we love some good knives.

We got to be involved in this project from an early stage. Thanks to that, the work became strongly aligned with our vision. The creative touch of designer Tuukka Tujula is evident in these pictures, especially in the hero images. The hero images’ post-production is done by Flc.