Gold & Green

No Pressure, Just Pleasure


Photographer: Olli Häkkinen
Food: Iikka Johansson
Styling: Ansku Heiskanen
Producer: Laura Silvanto
1st AC: Melvin Torrens
Assistant: Valtteri Haverinen
AD/TBWA: Jon Gustavson
Producer/TBWA: Rosa Kojonkoski
Client: Susanna Kallio


Valio, Gold & Green



We created a new packaging design for the Gold & Green brand in collaboration with TBWA. Refreshing the vegan brand that had transitioned to Valio was a significant project, and a lot of fun too.

We photographed portion images for each package and also included five setting images with different country themes. The colorful world created by Ansku Heiskanen and captured by Olli Häkkinen is working well and has already made its way to the store shelves.