Pursimiehenkatu 8

Our Restaurant

We have an intimate and versatile space in the heart of Punavuori. A perfect location to arrange private dinners, run pop up-restaurants or say, organize wine tastings. The style can vary from fine dining to French bistro classics and everything in between. 

Bar counter made of Finnish stone, hazy lighting to set you in the mood and a top-class espresso machine to spice up your martinis. Our bar has been tested by some of the most awarded bartenders in Europe, and it works! Tiny but feisty.

Our unique space bends into various forms like no other. Whether you envision a sleek ambiance, a cozy setting, or something else, we’ll adapt our space accordingly. From the table settings to the decor, we strive to create an environment that complements your vision.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, looking for a space to showcase your art, exploring new flavors, or seeking an escape from the ordinary, we are here to do it with you.

Contact iikka@aariofficial.com for more information