Metsä Group

One Moose Head To Rule Them All


Metsä Group

Photographer / Director

Kimmo Syväri

Our collaboration with Metsä Group initiated around the transformative 2012 rebranding, which consolidated diverse operations under the iconic Metsä brand.

Working closely with Hasan&Partners, the lead agency, we’ve co-crafted Metsä Group’s creative narratives. Central to our collaboration is the genuine ethos of the Metsä brand. It strives to present wood’s various forms – from forests to boards and tissues – in an engaging, distinctive, and respectful manner.

Metsä Group’s position as a global leader in the forest industry is distinctively rooted in its ownership by Finnish forest owners. This intertwining of global influence and local roots forms the cornerstone of our collaboration.

We’ve woven narratives that echo Metsä Group’s
commitment to nature, craftsmanship, and sustainability.