A continuing collaboration with everyones favourite soft drink & mixer company


Suntory Group / Schweppes

Photographer / Director

Olli Häkkinen

Our collaboration with Schweppes has been mainly defined by two significant launch cases, making it a standout partnership. What sets this collaboration apart is the direct connection between our team and Schweppes, leaving the advertisement companies aside. As a result, our role extends beyond production to include ideation and concept creation.


Working with Schweppes has been an absolute pleasure. The client’s collaborative spirit and open-mindedness has made the process seamless, creative, and enjoyable.

One aspect that makes this collaboration special is the international recognition of the Schweppes brand. Being associated with a globally renowned brand adds a layer of pride and prestige to our work. It is a testament to the brand’s reputation and reach that some of our photos have been distributed across Europe, captivating audiences far and wide.