The first form of visuality

Visual illusions have captured the imagination of human mind since the Stone Age. Our ancestors would sit in the darkness and transcribe their imagination onto cave walls, illuminated by the dance of campfire flames.

Today we do the same using computers. Even though the process is technically different, its origin in both the sender and the receiver remains the same: we have a constant need to capture, see and understand.

The VFX department of Ääri is curious and hungry. Its attention towards both concept and craftsmanship is in line with the rest of our offering.

Tauno Sillanpää

Tauno’s extensive skill set surpasses
the space reserved for this text.
To put it short, he’s an all-rounder in
2D and 3D animation, compositing,
VFX and motion & graphic design.

It always seems impossible
until it’s done.

All artwork by our VFX Artist Tauno Sillanpää